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Welcome to the Women Rights Timeline. okay, we’ll go straight to the topic. Breast cancer is that the leading reason for death for ladies ages forty to fifty nine. This year alone, over two hundred,000 ladies are diagnosed with the disease. Another 40,000 can die from it. despite the fact that early detection is crucial to survival and each girl is in danger for developing the disease, new analysis shows the overwhelming majority of ladies don't discuss this issue with one another.

According to a recent survey commissioned by WHEATABLES Crackers and therefore the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, there's a startling lack of dialogue among ladies concerning breast cancer risk and therefore the importance of early detection. Sixty-five % of ladies report they never or occasionally discuss breast cancer risk despite the fact that nearly 0.5 report having a detailed personal expertise (self, family or shut friend diagnosed) with the disease. Seventy-three % of mothers surveyed reported they never or rarely discuss breast cancer, breast self-exams or mammograms with their daughters or granddaughters and sixty seven % of the ladies surveyed said constant concerning their mothers or stepmothers.

“These findings are astounding notably as a result of one in eight ladies are expected to develop breast cancer throughout their lifetime. Communication and conversation are crucial to understanding the importance of early detection and adopting positive breast health practices,” said Susan Braun, president and CEO of the Komen Foundation.

In response, WHEATABLES Crackers and therefore the Komen Foundation have launched a public education initiative to encourage ladies to speak concerning breast cancer. known as “Talk concerning Breast Cancer - It’s a Conversation price Having,” the initiative is intended to assist ladies -- and people who love them -- get the conversation going.

Special WHEATABLES Crackers packaging carries pink Ribbons for keeps and conversation starter tips, including:

* create a monthly calendar note to decision your mother, aunt, sister or daughter with a reminder to conduct a breast self-exam. * Enclose a note and a pink ribbon in birthday cards to feminine friends forty years aged or older, reminding them to possess a mammogram.

* raise your doctor concerning breast health activities at each appointment. Don’t expect the doctor to raise you.

* Send a care package with how-to tips to young ladies in school or far from home; once a lady turns twenty, she ought to begin conducting monthly breast self-exams and have a doctor or nurse examine her breasts each 3 years.

* Develop a “buddy” system with friends. raise them to remind you often concerning breast health activities and do constant for them.

* Share a cup of low, tea or cocoa and breast cancer facts with a friend: Breast cancer is that the best killer of ladies between the ages of forty and 59; the bulk of ladies who develop breast cancer had no family history of the disease; if breast cancer is detected early, a woman’s possibilities of survival improve considerably.

“Regular discussions that encourage breast health activities like monthly breast self-exams, annual clinical breast exams and mammograms will create a really real distinction,” said Jenny Enochson, spokesperson for WHEATABLES Crackers. “That’s why we’re therefore committed to obtaining the conversation going.”

WHEATABLES Crackers can donate $5.00 to the Komen Foundation for each 5 ribbons clipped from its special packaging and sent in by customers. For additional info concerning the campaign, log onto www.ribbonsforlife.com.

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